I Joined An MLM, Now What?

That is the question right? What do you do when you have made the jump, and decided to build your own MLM business?

I’m assuming you have researched the company, and know it’s one that you feel incredibly proud to represent, because you have to put yourself out there. So make sure it’s a company you truly believe in.

Second, read everything you can on the products and the programs associated with your business. Shaklee, the company we work with, has a whole set of courses to teach you everything you can find out about the products and distributor incentives. If you’re talking to someone, and you don’t know the answer, don’t freak out.
Tell them,”I don’t actually know the answer to that right this second, but I’ll find out and get right back to you.”
If you’re doing a party/get-together/meeting, and don’t know the answer, write down the question and who asked, then make sure to let them know that you will find out the answer and get back to them with the information as soon as possible.

Now, start talking. To anyone and everyone. Let them know you are starting a new business, and you would love to talk to them about it. Announce it on FB, Twitter, all social media sites. Read up on successful MLM and salespeople, who have been where you are. Learning from someone who has already done it is the smartest thing you can do.

Now, make lists. Of all the people you know, that you’ve met casually. Lists of places you can meet up with more people that may be interested in your products. Think of anyone you can talk to, and talk to them. Talk to people you meet at the store, at the bank, at the restaurant. Some may be interested, some not. Just make lists and get going.

One last thing as you get going. Listen to me on this. I’m just starting out with our own business, and already I’ve had a few days that I got upset and without a good why (as I’ll talk about soon), would have stopped. Because you will hear this often. You will hear people say NO. No. No. No. No. No. No. You will hear it until you are so sick of hearing it that you want to punch a wall. But remember, that you will find that one person in a hundred that not only says YES, but that ends up loving the product and becoming an important part of your business. And as long as you believe in what you are selling, then the people will come. Because they can see that you not only believe it, but live it. So stick with it!!

Here’s a couple great people to check out!

Zig Ziglar, an awesome motivational speaker and salesperson, has some great podcasts that I recommend spending some time listening to.
Go check out Sarah Robbins, who is an incredibly successful MLM business owner. She has a whole strategy on social media, not to mention all the other great advice she has on her blog.
Someone from our own great company, Bonnie Donahue. She’s built an entire nationwide team that all have become very successful.

These are just a few people that I’ve read about, among thousands of successful MLM and salespeople.




Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

I don’t know about you, but selling something to someone is not my idea of fun. Nor is it my idea of easy. This could be why I have balked at the whole Shaklee idea for 5 years. I hate the idea of talking to my friends and trying to get them to try this product or whatever. Seriously, I would get nervous just messaging them about it on Facebook.

I have loved the Shaklee products since I started using them. I mean, who wouldn’t? They’re all natural, kids won’t get hurt if they get into your cleaning cupboards, they are eco-friendly. I mean, come on. But until the Shaklee 180 came out, I never wanted to try the selling game. I have, because I love my hubby and we both knew this was something God seemed to bring back to us to do over and over. But I fought it, so it never worked.

Then I started looking into the Shaklee 180 program. I was a firm believer in eating healthy and working out. That  was the way to lose weight and keep it off. But let’s face it, not everyone can do that easily. Lots of us need help to do it, and encouragement constantly. I have seen lots of weight loss plans that said “Take this pill and you will lose weight!” or “Try this cleanse and the lbs will melt off!”. Okay, yea they both probably work. But is that sustainable? Something that will truly make a change that will last a lifetime?

No. The simple answer is No.

What’s the difference between those types of programs and the Shaklee 180? The Shaklee 180 is setup to help you lose weight for the first 90 days, then spends the second 90 days teaching you how to keep it off.

What? Teaching you how to keep it off? Then they won’t want to buy the product anymore!

So? It’s not about having them buy the product. It’s about helping someone make a change that they can keep up.

Would I like them to keep buying? Duh.

But not enough to choose a program that basically makes that what you have to do to stay healthy. Shaklee is about healthy living, and long term health. So, first step is to lose weight and get healthy. Second step is to focus on staying healthy long term. Whether it’s choosing to stay on vitamins, or focus on parts of your body that still need work, we just want to help anyone and everyone be healthy.

So why the long explanation?

Because I want you to understand that to step out of my comfort zone and sell anything to anyone, I must feel that what I’m selling will truly be a help to the person.

I truly believe that Shaklee products and the Shaklee 180 is a healthy lifestyle choice. For anyone.

Battling Change

It’s been awhile. Not because I haven’t wanted to write, because I love to write. But mostly because I feel like I have to have the perfect post, perfect pictures, and change everyone’s world with my blog.

But let’s face it. That’s not going to happen. And that’s okay. So now, if I can help anyone, that’s how I look at it. By sharing my life and goals.

2014 was a year of change. God has moved in our lives, to bring us to some confusing and hard decisions. Ones that some of our families don’t necessarily agree with. The main one….

Homeschooling our kids.

Yep, we are going to be THOSE people. But why is there such a stigma about it? There shouldn’t be. But we all allow the few, slightly odd people designate how we feel about a life choice of many people. Ones that are incredibly brilliant, and for their own reasons have been led to the same decision as our own. I’ll be writing more about my homeschooling journey as we go. It’s already been quite a challenge at times, but very fulfilling.

But back to our change. We’ve moved to a new state, bought a house, gotten pregnant for the 3rd time, and made the big decision to home-school. All within the 2014 calendar year. Crazy.

Now, it’s 2015. And a new challenge has been added.

Off and on, since….probably 2010, my hubby and I have off and on fought an idea. It’s one that seemed okay or even like a good idea at times, but we never took it seriously. Which is unfortunate. Because here we are. 5 years later. Although my hubby job is one we have been truly blessed to have, because it has allowed us many opportunities among other things, it’s a job that isn’t very fulfilling. He doesn’t feel as if he gets to change lives, help anyone. Which, let’s face it, is what we all want to do.

So what does this have to do with the last 5 years?

5 years ago, hubby’s dad signed us up as distributors for his company. An amazing company, that is all natural and has affected, for the better, many people’s lives. And while we have off and on sold the products to people, even signed up a rep ourselves, we never took it serious. Because we thought we knew the right thing to do.

We have battled ourselves for 5 years. Yes, we have paid off debt. Yes, we have had kids and enjoyed life. Found things we loved to do, and will keep doing no matter what. I hope even shared God with people and encouraged people along the way. I try so hard to do that in my everyday life, and to show that to my kids. But that last one…when they are being less than happy kiddos, is not so easy. But anyway, this has all led us to make a change this year.

Hello, my name is Ember, and I am a Shaklee 180 Specialist.

Whoa. Yep, I said it. What is a Shaklee 180 Specialist? I’ll tell you. Someone who helps people make a life change. One who helps people down the path of healthy living. There are alot of why’s for why we are doing it. And there is a plan and reason behind it. But that’s another post.

I’ll share more on the whole specialist thing soon, but the big deal is that we are making a change. One that isn’t easy, puts me out of my comfort zone. But one that helps my overburdened hubby know that we are moving forward to a business of our own, and life of helping others.

In all we do, we want to keep God as the center. He is the reason we are here at all. The reason I get to sleep with my best friend every night. The reason we have 2.5 beautiful babies to take care of. He is the reason for it all. So we want to honor Him in everything.

Shaklee presented to us an opportunity. To make a change. We have battled it for 5 years. God has pushed the battle, so we would understand that we have to listen to him. And as long as we do it, listen to Him, I know that we will be successful and help others to be too.

Fat Out Honest…Overdue Update

It’s been awhile but I’m attempting to carve out some time for something of my own. I’ve hit some huge milestones in my weight since last posting. Not only have I hit the goal of 170, I’ve also went below! My current weight is 166.8. That’s smaller than before I was when I got pregnant. How pumped am I? Super pumped!!

I have started using my fitness pal app on my iPhone . It makes it much easier to track my food, my burned calories, and my weight. It’s actually what helped me drop the last few pounds. My sister started using the app too, and has done really well. But has recently gotten a bit down, and discouraged. So today I want to encourage her and everyone else to keep working hard. It is hard, I know it. But just keep pushing and you will hit your goals!!!

Small Steps New Parents Will Love

When you find out you’re pregnant, it most cases, it’s an exciting and happy day! You then have 9 months to “prepare” for the baby’s big arrival. I don’t know about you, but no matter how much we “prepared”, we were not prepared.

Enjoy each moment…it’s gone before you know it!

When we left the hospital with Bee, we both wondered why in the world they would just let us leave, like we knew what we were doing? I mean, don’t get me wrong. We love our little monkey, but loving her and feeling like we know enough to take care of her is two totally different things. And boy did we feel unequipped!!

Now that our little Bee is 1, we have talked about different things that happened in the first year of her life. Milestones that happen, the big ones, like rolling over, sitting up, crawling, and walking.

But until you’re a parent, you don’t know what a big deal the little milestones are too. What milestones would those be?

Holding Her Own Bottle
The first one we really realized was when Bee could hold her own bottle. When that happened… man. How much better is it riding in a car with a child that can hold their own bottle when they start screaming, instead of you awkwardly leaning over the seat or just having to ride with a screaming infant? Oh, this is a milestone worth mentioning, that’s for sure!

Not Having To Be Burped
If you are like me, burping a baby is not a high favorite! I was not a fan of the spit-up or the throw up. I mean, I understand it has to happen, but the day she started feeding herself, the throw up stopped, followed closely by this. No more burping!!  One more big step that new parents don’t realize!

Feeding Herself
I know some people already think about this one. But it’s one thing that is amazing for when we went go out eat. She used to have to be amused, but now we just put food in front of her and we all eat. She, of course, gets bored. So we eat pretty fast. But it’s way better than when we had to feed her. This is a step that makes life a whole lot easier.

So these are just a few, but maybe they will help you through those moments when your sweet baby is driving you insane. I know it will help me through all our next ones.

The biggest thing to remember? Enjoy each day, moment, step. It’s gone so fast.

Have a great day and enjoy those babies!!


Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark

On weekends, growing up, my grandma would make homemade chocolate and peanut butter fudge. We would pop popcorn, and sit at the table, eating until we were stuffed. Justin wasn’t one to do that. So the idea of mixing the two seems weird to him. But to me…yummy. It’s delicious!!

So boy was I excited when I found this recipe on Pinterest to try. I wanted to make it for Bee’s birthday. My family loves to snack, and what better way to do it than to make it a salty and sweet concoction of goodness!! So that is exactly what I did. 

How good does that look?? Great, right?

You can find the recipe here at mamasaywhat.com . It’s so good. Make sure you have someone to share with, because it’s addictive. I think I ate 85% of it myself.

Now on to my actual talking about the delicious recipe.
Make sure you boil the caramel mixture long enough. It felt like I boiled it forever, and it still wasn’t done. But keep going. You will know when it’s done. I kept leaning over it, making sure it didn’t smell burnt. But anyways, just keep boiling it. Then when adding the layer of chocolate. I will be adding more next time than I did this time, but do it according to your taste. I actually want to try dark chocolate.  But it was really good, even just following the recipe.

So, I recommend heading over to mamasaywhat.com and trying this recipe. ASAP.

Happy sweet munching!!


Big #1!!

Bee’s birthday has come and gone…almost a month has passed. And I have slowly been posting what I did for her. Today, I will tell you about the sign I made for her.

Of course, I found the idea for this on Pinterest. But their idea would have meant me going to buy things…which I didn’t want to do. So, I did it my own way. I’ve always loved to paint, so I pulled out my old paints and got to work. This is something anyone can make, and put your own spin on.

Just as I finished… as the newspapers it’s laying on must tell you.

This is my spin. In the color theme for Bee’s birthday, big enough to be seen as people drive by. I just searched the house and found cardboard, cut out the number, and got to work. I put a single coat of paint on the other side, just to make sure it was fully covered, although that’s not necessary.

If you go to the original post I saw, you will see the buttons were their way to do it. You can change it to fabric, get really crafty and make a wooden one, do a nature version with the kids… whatever you want.

This was an extremely simple craft, but one I really enjoyed and that is still hanging as a decoration on Bee’s bedroom door.

Take your time, get creative, and make it your own!!